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Stoma Kit

5 October 2021 - Door Yvette

The Mensam Stoma-Kit

Change your stoma bag hygienically and easily. At home and on the go. Changing your ostomy bag can cause a lot of inconvenience at home and on the go. With The Stoma-Kit, which has been tested and designed with 200 ostomates users, makes this a thing of the past. We want to help people with stoma to live a more carefree life by making them more socially mobile. more socially mobile. By creating a mobile work table, we want to make it possible for people to carry out daily activities By creating a mobile work table, we want to make everyday actions, such as hygienic changing with two hands, a matter of course again. With our Stoma-Kit, you always have your clean materials at hand. The kit can be folded out in any room The Kit can be folded out into a work table which you stick to the wall at any height. You then have two hands hands free to change your clothes hygienically. Afterwards, you can dispose of your used material discreetly.

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