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Happy world ostomy day 2021

2 October 2021 - Door Annelies

Today we celebrate "our" day. Every 3 years, the first Saturday of October is International Ostomy Day. This date was established in 1993. It is good that we take a moment to think about ostomates. There is still a taboo that creates a sense of shame. This is a great pity. You don't ask for a stoma. Few realise that a stoma can save a person's life. Anyone can have a stoma in their life. You can fall ill, have a medical problem during an operation or a traffic accident. When you get a stoma, your life changes. We are grateful but also sad. It is a learning process to deal with it. At first, we feel alone. But along the way we discover that we are still able to do everything as before. Our life does not stop. The shame disappears and we are not afraid to say out loud that we have a stoma. That is why it is good to stop and think about what a stoma is. Who has a stoma. And especially to break the taboo. Because we are and remain the same wonderful person with a little 'extra'!

The Yvanta Team ❤️

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