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StomaSafe Plus - Corsinel

No orthopedic support bandage, but extra fixation

Designed to provide maximum support for the stasis of the stoma bag. The soft double-layer stretchable material protects the skin and makes the ostomy pouch virtually invisible from the outside. The extra fixation also ensures that the risk of leakage is reduced and the stoma bag lasts longer. StomaSafe combines a high wearing comfort with an extra feeling of security

Instruction film

Maximum care for the ostomist

A stoma has a big influence on people's lives. It is important that the stoma wearer can pick up his or her normal life rhythm again. An ostomy pouch can have a restrictive effect on mobility and independence. In that situation, the StomaSafe support bandage fixes the stoma bag optimally, so that life for the ostomist is as normal and comfortable as possible.

  • Step in like a pair of pants
  • get the stoma bag through the opening
  • Fold the top over the bag and ready

The properties

  • The inner layer is on the skin and protects against friction and irritation
  • Suitable for 1, 2 and 2-piece ostomy bags and for all diameters
  • The outer layer fixes, covers the stoma material and works sound-absorbing
  • StomaSafe is easy to put on and take off
  • Remains independent in its place
  • StomaSafe can be worn day and night
  • The material of microfibre is very breathable
  • Restores the body contours
  • Unisex

The result

  • StomaSafe gives extra confidence
  • Invisible and practically imperceptible to wear
  • Increases efficiency of stoma material

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