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TR202 Elite adhesive wipes 30pcs - Trio Ostomy care

Elite® - non-stinging adhesive remover

When rapid, painless and atraumatic removal of medical devices from the skin is necessary. The next generation of silicone adhesive removers has arrived! A new 100% silicone formulation that has been specially developed for you. 

Ostomy care - collection bags
Ensuring a good seal between the skin plate and the skin is essential to prevent leakage. The strong adhesives needed to achieve this effect can cause trauma to the skin around the stoma upon removal. Trio Elite® can even remove very strong adhesive substances quickly and efficiently.

Wound care - Bandages and fixation aids
The new, 100% silicone technology from Trio Elite® will painlessly remove bandages, tapes and fixation aids without damaging the skin.

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