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TR205 Pearls™ - super absorbent sachets - Trio Ostomy care

Pearls™ - super absorbent sachets (100pcs) 1 Pearl = € 0.40 
Can you imagine a no-smelling stupid bag? Not even during emptying.
Can you imagine a thin and discreet bag? With thickened contents.
Can you imagine an undisturbed night's sleep? Without having to empty or let gas escape.

Comfort and security
Our super-absorbent Pearls have all the benefits of normal gelling sachets:

- more comfort
- less leakage
- flatter, more discreet stupid bag
- empty less often
- less noise from the stomazakje

Plus the new benefits of our ActiveOne Odour Control and anti-balloon formation technology. Based on independent laboratory research and evaluation by ostomy wearers, Pearls™ prove to reduce or sometimes even completely neutralise unwanted odours - increasing confidence and freshness when emptying or changing an ostomy bag. The patented ActiveOne® Odour Control and anti-balloon formation for ostomy bags is included in every sachet. By putting one in your ostomy bag, you can be sure of ostomy discretion.

Balloon formation' of the bag can increase the risk of leakage and is caused by excessive gas. 8 out of 10 ileostoma-bearers who evaluated Pearls said their 'smell' was either reduced or completely gone.

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