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VenoTrain® glider - Bauerfeind


VenoTrain glider is the practical putting on and taking off aid for therapeutic compression stockings and tights with open and closed toes. The durable and lightweight material allows the stocking to glide easily over your leg or arm. The VenoTrain Glider is compact and therefore ideal for travelling.
For both open and closed toe stockings - with VenoTrain glider, putting on and taking off your compression stocking is child's play:
1.First, place the foam surface with the point in front of you on the floor.
2. Place the VenoTrain glider on top, with the white side facing up.
3. Now place your toes in the marked semi-circle and slide your foot forward with light pressure.
4. Your foot glides naturally into the VenoTrain Glider.
5. You can now put on your compression stocking as usual by starting by pulling the toes of the stocking over the VenoTrain glider. In this way you will be able to put on your stockings without any problems.
6. Finally, you can remove the Venotrain Glider by moving your toes and pulling on the strap.


Exceptionally light
very strong and tear-resistant
easy to use
compact and therefore ideal for on the road
For arm and leg stockings
Instructional film

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