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Abri-San Premium Special - Faeces 2000ml - Abena

Abena Abri-San Premium Special - Faeces Unisex

Abena Abri-San Premium Special is a special insert for faecal incontinence with an absorption capacity of 2000 ml. The size of the product is 36 x 70 centimetres. The raised barriers ensure that the stool is collected, even under pressure. The strong elastic bands minimise the risk of leakage. Breathable protective film helps maintain healthy skin. Why does this product have a very high absorption capacity? With incontinence of thin faeces (fecal incontinence where there is a lot of fluid), you want to make sure that everything stays within the product. The moisture from the faeces is extracted, this requires the absorption capacity. The fibres are kept inside by the anti-leakage edges.

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