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Shirt stay belt

If your blouse does not stay in place and wrinkles easily, the Shirt Stay Belt is the easiest and most effective way to keep your blouse or shirt tight to your body. The blouse remains wrinkle-free and in the right place at all times. This way is unique, easy to use and gives a feeling of neatness.

The Fako Fashion® Shirt Stay Belt is a slim belt specially designed with a rubber anti-slip edge that keeps your blouse perfectly in place, no matter how much you move. This belt can be worn over the blouse and under the trousers so that it is not visible. Not only is this belt comfortable but it also gives your body a slimmer look! The belt is adjustable up to 120 centimetres and is very elastic.


Easy to use
Easy to adjust in length
Comfortable and invisible and also gives your body a slimmer look
The buckle and a button
slot guarantee that your blouse stays tight in your trousers
Material: Elastane
Width: 25mm
Length: Up to 120cm

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