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Entusia drop loss - Entusia

Specially designed brief for ladies with urine loss.

The brief is made from high quality fabrics like cotton and lace which are available in high and low waist in 2 colours.

The special layers are antibacterial so there’s much less chance for infections and the odors are being neutralized.

Feel like a real women again, feel comfortable and confident.


1. Light upper layer to allow urine to pass and keep the skin dry
2. Middle layer absorbs 10x own weight in half a second
3. Underlay is water-resistant, light and durable. Do not let urine through

The path is:
- integrated in the slip.

- antibacterial treatment so this reduces the risk of infections and neutralizes odors.

- washable. After 50 washes the antibacterial treatment still works for more than 99.50%

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