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About us

Have you also noticed that there is a lot of advertising for very tight underwear for men, there is almost too much choice from all those nice prints on children's underwear and there is an incredible amount of sexy lingerie? Worse still: that you can also say the same about swimwear, accessories and clothing in general?

What if you would love to wear all that, but unfortunately a medical condition prevents it?
Well, then the Yvanda team is your "missing piece"!

Valentine's Day in 2012 was the day on which Yvanta was launched and thus became the first webshop in Belgium to offer products to make the lives of people with a medical condition more pleasant. Yvanta is a team that loves to help people and keeps looking for improvements and more possibilities.

Initially we focused on people who have a stoma, but it soon became clear that there are also many people with other health problems who deserve some extra attention and tools to make their lives more comfortable, and so we began to expand.

By now, we have accumulated quite a few years of experience and we like to pass on this knowledge and insight through lectures, refresher courses for self-help associations or health professionals, lessons for students, and so on.
In addition, we want to continue to grow ourselves, and so we continue to deepen our knowledge of these issues. We work closely with hospitals, nurses and rehabilitation centres to learn first-hand about the concerns people still have to live as normal a life as possible.
We attach incredible importance to each person and their unique personality and story. For this reason, if you wish, we can also visit you at home to discuss everything calmly and to see what we can do for you specifically.
If you are missing a particular product in our range that you think could make your life more enjoyable, please let us know. We will then explore the possible options in consultation with you.

The Yvanta team is also well aware that discretion is very important in this sector. You can therefore rest assured that your order will always be neutrally packed. Moreover, we also guarantee a fast service: if you order before 3 p.m. on a working day, you will normally receive your order the next working day.

The colour of Yvanta is red, and with good reason. We are not a company in which sales figures take precedence over people, but have deliberately chosen to focus on a niche because we want to help people move forward in their lives. Yvanta has a story with a common thread and that is: "always keep looking for products that can make life easier for certain people and by doing so find your missing piece"!


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