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VenoTrain® act sheer elegance AD 140 - Bauerfeind

VenoTrain® act sheer elegance knee-length socks

The optimum support stocking for your legs
VenoTrain® act stockings have a supportive and relaxing effect. They prevent circulation problems and relieve the legs. The transparent material is skin-friendly, breathable and guarantees a light compression with a massage effect.

VenoTrain act stockings are an effective preventative against heavy and swollen legs. The evenly falling compression from the ankle to the thigh actively supports the blood circulation.


VenoTrain compression stockings are feminine, sexy and have a slightly supportive effect. Experience the perfect fit on the leg, and enjoy the soft massaging effect at the same time!

During our daily life our legs are burdening a lot and often for a long time. Just think of standing or sitting professions, but also during sports or long (flight) trips. That is why it is good to relieve your legs and stimulate blood circulation.

Give your legs a moment of relaxation with VenoTrain act support stockings. By wearing the VenoTrain act:

You stimulate blood circulation
Avoid tired or heavy legs
Any swelling disappears
If you wear a VenoTrain act during your often long (flight, car or bus) trip to your holiday destination, you also reduce the risk of a thrombosis.

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