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Buckle-free belt kids

The fantastic children's belt without a buckle. Made to make children's lives easier!

It is often difficult for children to undo the buckle of a belt. With this buckle-free children's belt, a visit to the toilet becomes a lot easier and the kids become a lot more independent. Suitable for both boys and girls.

Advantages of the elastic buckle-free belt

The lack of a buckle provides a wonderfully comfortable and non-pressing feeling.
It barely feels like you are wearing a belt, so optimal comfort.
The elastic belt is stretchy and breathes with you, so perfect freedom.
The buckle-free belt comes with 2 PU leather pieces that are equipped with press studs.
Top quality elastic material for optimal support.
The belt is suitable for boys and girls and only needs to be fastened once to the trousers, so a visit to the toilet becomes a piece of cake.
Adjustable from approx. 60 to 90 cm.

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