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Catheter holder lower leg - Zorgvrij

Catheter holder

A fine fitting catheter holder for the lower leg. The catheter bag hangs low and can therefore be emptied easily without any effort on the part of anyone. All that has to be done is to pull up the trouser legs a little. A fine elastic and tight-fitting catheter holder for the lower leg. This way, one never has to drag the catheter along or tie it to the leg with Velcro again. Current fixation methods such as strips with Velcro often slip and you wear the catheter bag on the skin. With the catheter holder by ZorgVrij one can carry the catheter oneself in a comfortable way. With this catheter holder of ZorgVrij someone always remains mobile and the catheter bag never hangs on the ground. The catheter bag can easily be put in the holder and remains therein well protected and fixed. With this solution the bag will never rub against the body again. Because elastomer is processed into the fabric, the holder has a pleasant stretch, it does not droop and moulds itself to the body. The catheter holder is made of high-quality material and can be washed in the washing machine. In short, the catheter holder is a godsend for people with a catheter!

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